Ragnar Granit Society

The purpose of the Society

It is the purpose of the Ragnar Granit Society in co-operation with the Ragnar Granit Institute to cherish the memory of the Finnish Nobel Laureate Professor Ragnar Granit and to promote on international level the basic and applied research and education and other development of physiology and medicine as well as bioelectromagnetism.
Ragnar Granit Society was established in 2016 to continue the activities of the Ragnar Granit Foundation which was active in 1994 - 2017.

Founding Members of the Ragnar Granit Foundation (1994-2017)

Academy of Finland
University of Helsinki
Nobelinstitute for Neurophysiology, Karolinska institutet
University of Oxford
University of Pennsylvania

In addition, Ministry of Education has participated in creating the Founding Capital of the Foundation.



Chairman of the Society
Professor Jaakko Malmivuo
Ragnar Granit Society
Meritullinkatu 16 A 5
00170 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358-400-621 246


Professor Ragnar Granit