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20 Article volumes
17 Monographs

      The primary source for the publications in this Internet Archive is the Ragnar Granit Family Archive. It includes 37 volumes. Of them, 20 involve articles in different scientific journals, and the rest 17 are monographs. The total number of publications in the Family Archive is 328. The Family Archive is in possession of the Granit Family, and I am very much indebted to the family for getting the permission to do its scanning to the Internet. Though many of the publications in this Family Archive are also available on the Internet, a lot of its publications, I have not found from elsewhere.
      In this index, the Family Archive volumes are divided into two categories:
- Volumes, including collections of journal articles and
- Monographs.
      The volumes in both categories are listed in chronological order. This listing is not unambiguous in the volumes of scientific articles, but hopefully, it is helpful. Within the scientific article volumes, the publication titles are listed in the order in which they exist in each volume.

Table of Contents

A1 Smärre vetenskapliga arbeten I. 1924-1932  
A2 Smärre vetenskapliga arbeten II. 1922-1930  
A3 Papers from Oxford, Philadephia, Helsingfors. 1927-1939  
A4 Vetenskapliga avhandlingar II. 1928-1931  
A5 Electrophysiology of retina and nerve I. 1933-1935  
A6 Electrophysiology of retina and nerve II. 1935-1938  
A7 Electrophysiology of retina and nerve III. 1941-1950  
A8 Electrophysiology of retina and nerve IV. 1938-1950  
A9 Documenta Ophthalmologica, Brit. J. Ophthalm. 1938  
A10Vetenskapliga avhandlingar I. 1948
A11Spinal cord. Spindles. Blue shift. 1949-1954  
A12Cerebellum. Tonus control. Retinal control. 1954-1957  
A13Motor control. Various summaries. 1955-1959  
A14Motor neurons. Diverse. 1956-1969  
A15Intracellular motor control. 1957-1964  
A16Recurrent inhibition. Prize lectures. Summaries. 1958-1962
A17Till teleologiens försvar. Finsk tidskrift, Häfte 2/1970.1970  
A18Varia 1970-76. 1969-1976
A19Varia 1978. 1965-1978  
A20Varia 1973-82. 1973-1983

M1Farbentransformation und Farbenkontrast. 1926  
M2Näthinnans, synnervens och sensoriets reaktioner. 1934  
M3Die Elektrophysiologie der Netzhaut. Flimmermethode. 1936  
M4Ung mans väg till Minerva. 1941  
M5Finlandssvenskarna. 1944  
M6Sensory mechanisms of the retina. 1947  
M7Receptors and sensory perception. 1955  
M8The visual pathway. 1962  
M9Charles Scott Sherrington – An appraisal. 1966  
M10Nobel symposium I. 1966  
M11The basis of motor control. 1970  
M12Mechanisms regulating the discharge of motoneurons. 1972  
M13The purposive brain. 1977  
M14Utur stubbotan rot. 1978  
M15Hur det kom sig. 1982  
M16Synpunkter på forskningen. 1985  
M17Ragnar Granits brev arkiv [Letter archive] 1900-1991. 1995  


Total number of publications in the Family Archive = 293 + 15 + 17 = 325.
Of which Ragnar Granit's publications: 310.