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Ragnar Granit Publication Project

The project started in the spring of 2018. Its purpose was to collect and archive Ragnar Granit's scientific publications and upload them to the Internet. The motivation for this project was that since all of Professor Ragnar Granit's scientific publications were published before the time of the Internet, they were scattered to several different locations, all of them not being publicly available. Having all the publications, or at least their titles, collected to a single location on the Internet, makes it easy to reach and download them. This makes it easy to figure out the scientific impact of Ragnar Granit to neuroscience. It also facilitates the possibility of finding the original results in research concerned and referring to them in modern research.
Though I have tried to do my best to locate and collect the publications, I am sure that several relevant publications may still be missing from this archive, and the existing titles may still have several errors. Therefore, I encourage all users of this archive of publications to inform me about missing publications and existing mistakes. I will do my best to make relevant corrections and updating the information to be most accurate.
Ragnar Granit's family stores the family archive of Ragnar Granit's publications. This archive includes a large number of older publications that have not been available on the Internet before. I am especially indebted to Ragnar Granit's son Prof. Michael Granit and his son Dr. Jakob Granit for providing this archive for my use.
Though I have tried to make the archive as complete as possible, I am aware that in addition to the missing publications, it is also missing the publication titles as well. Also, there certainly are mistakes in the titles. I would be grateful for any comment, correction, or addition to the archive to make it as complete as possible.
I hope that this archive of Professor Ragnar Granit's publications will be useful for colleagues interested in his life work. I also hope that it strengthens our understanding that though being very international, Ragnar Granit was a Finnish Nobelist.

Jaakko Malmivuo
Helsinki and Berlin, 2019
Ragnar Granit Society

This Internet Portal is composed from the following four parts:

1) Internet Archive of Ragnar Granit's Publications

The central part of this portal is the Internet Archive of Ragnar Granit's publications. It includes over 350 publication titles with links to the publications locating in this portal and/or links to the addresses where they are located. At the end of each reference, there is a code indicating in which format the publication is available. Most of them are downloadable in full format from this portal. Some of them are downloadable only for a certain charge from the portals of certain scientific journals. Some of them include only the abstract or cover page. Because of copyright reasons, I have not been able to add them in downloadable format.
In this archive, the publications are mainly listed in chronological order. However, the articles are listed first, and after that, the monographs. In the list of the articles, there are some subtitles which are taken from the list of Ragnar Granits's publications listed in his CV in the directory of Suomen Lääkärit (The Physicians in Finland).

2) Family Archive of Ragnar Granit's Publications

Before the Internet time, scientists often collected their publications and let to bind them to volumes. These volumes were organized either in chronological order or according to the topics of the publications. Professor Ragnar Granit organized his publications to 37 volumes, of which 20 volumes include articles, and 17 volumes are monographs. The Granit family calls this the Family Archive. These 37 volumes include 315 publication titles altogether. There is, of course, a lot of overlapping with this Family Archive and the aforementioned publication sources. However, altogether 154 publications I have found only from the Family Archive.
This Family Archive has been stored in possession of the Granit family. I am greatly indebted to the family that they have permitted me to use this Family Archive and scan from there the publications which have not been available elsewhere.
The Family Archive is a national treasure, and therefore I have wanted to reproduce it here as a whole. I have created a separate page for each volume of the Family Archive. These pages include the image of the volume cover and the Table of Contents. From the titles in the Table of Contents, there is a link to the publication in the Internet Archive. Thus the Family Archive is transferred in its original form to the Internet in electronic form.

3) Information on the Internet Archive

The third part of this portal gives detailed information on where the publications have been obtained. Though the Internet did not exist at the time when Ragnar Granit's publications were published, several scientific journals have afterward been scanned to the Internet. This page gives the locations of these journals on the Internet. It also lists the standard indexing services from where the publications may be found.
As described above, the major source for the publications was the Ragnar Granit's Family Archive.

4) Reviews and Articles about Ragnar Granit

The fourth part includes reviews of Ragnar Granit's works and articles that tell about Ragnar Granit as a person and are written by someone else. Ragnar Granit also wrote some self biographs, but those are listed in Part 1. The list of articles in Part 4 is, by no means, complete, and it even not tries to be. But I feel it important that the most important articles of this type may also be found in a single place.